Galaxy Heights Hotel,Office1,2,3,Pace Plaza,Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road,Bahawalpur


Application Processing:

  • Document collection
  • IELTS or any other equivalent language test
  • Advice and assessment within 24 hours
  • Provide students the university options according to their chosen program 
  • Receive conditional offer letter(COL) from university within a week or two. 
  •  Student then needs to show his bank statement comprises the first year tuition fee and maintenance cost. As well as the student and consultant satisfying all the conditions mentioned on the conditional offer letter (COL).
  • The student then receives the unconditional offer letter(UOL) from the university
  • Students need to submit a deposit as mentioned in the unconditional offer letter (20% to 50%) which is the student’s first year tuition fee.
  • After the deposit, receive confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) letter. 
  • Student will apply for the student visa after that. 
  • Then the student has to undergo medical procedures and check-ups
  •  Student has to pay Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) every year. 

After this successful procedure the student is ready to fly to his dream study destination.