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How to apply Portugal visa from Pakistan

How to apply Portugal visa from Pakistan

How to apply Portugal visa from Pakistan

One of the oldest nations on the ancient continent is Portugal, the sovereign state located west of the mainland. Its area is 92,212 km2, and its population is 10,291,027.

The Portuguese Republic is a developed nation with excellent standards of life, a sophisticated economy, and high incomes. The government’s captivating architecture reflects its long history of invasions.

Portugal participates in the Schengen Zone, NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations. Its boundaries with the other member states were eliminated when it became a part of the latter in 1995.

Since then, visitors have been able to apply for a Schengen Visa in Portugal. With a short-stay visa for Portugal, they can enter the Portuguese territory and the entire Schengen area.

Fun fact: Portugal is home to the oldest bookstore on the planet!

Portugal Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus

Entry Restrictions in Portugal in Reaction to Coronavirus

On the advice of the EU Commission, Italy and the other EU/Schengen Area members implemented an EU-wide entrance ban on citizens of third countries amid the coronavirus outbreak in mid-March 2020. Furthermore, limitations on admission into Italy are often modified in response to developments with COVID-19 in other nations.

 for the most recent information on Italian authorities’ travel and entrance restrictions to Portugal and other measures.

Depending on your nationality, there is specific documentation you need to bring to the Portuguese port of entry. If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area, you only need an identity document to enter Portugal.

In addition, when you arrive at the Portuguese port of entry as a non-EEA visitor, you will be required to show the following documents:

A current travel document or passport. Valid for an additional three months after your intended departure date from Portugal or Schengen and suitable for issuance within the last ten years.

If the Portuguese visa regulations, a visa governs you.

The Portuguese border guard may also interrogate you about the following aspects of your trip to Portugal in addition to these documents:

Why are you traveling to Portugal?

What is your intended duration of stay in Portugal?

Where in Portugal are you planning to stay? And so forth.

Documents such as a round-trip ticket, proof of accommodation, or an invitation letter from a Portuguese host could be requested to bolster your responses. For additional details on this matter, contact the Portuguese consular office in your nation of origin.

Recall that the border police make the final decision about your permission to enter Portugal. After reviewing your documentation, the Portuguese border officer will grant you entry into Portugal and the Schengen region if they determine that you pose no threat to Portugal.

When you enter Portugal, please ensure the border guard stamps your passport. Portugal might punish or imprison you if you don’t have a stamp.

Who Needs a Schengen Visa to Enter Portugal?

Portugal is one of the countries covered by the Schengen visa laws, which means that if you are a citizen of one of the following third-world countries—whose residents need to obtain a Schengen visa to enter any member country of the Schengen Area—you will need access to enter Portugal or any other country in the Schengen zone.

  • You are a citizen of a third-world nation that has ratified an agreement with the Schengen states to liberalize visa requirements. Nevertheless, you have already been turned away from Portugal or any other Schengen nation.

What Documents Are Required for a Portugal Schengen Visa Application?

By Portugal’s visa rules, you must apply for a short-term Portuguese visa at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country with the required documentation. The following are these documents:

Portuguese application form for a visa. Please complete the visa application form, print it, and sign it. You may learn how to fill out a Portuguese Schengen Visa Application Form here correctly.

Two images from passports. The photos must be the same and meet the specifications for the Portuguese Schengen visa application photo.

It’s my current passport.

Two unfilled pages for attaching the visa

at most ten years old

have at least three more months left on it after the day you intend to depart Portugal and the Schengen area.

Copies of your earlier passports. Provide documentation if you have ever held a permit from any nation.

Return trip Takeoff Itinerary. A record attesting to your reservation for travel into and out of Portugal. Your information, flight numbers, and dates should all be included in this paper.

Declaration of compliance. For example, a Portugal hotel reservation.

Evidence of having enough money for the duration of the stay in Portugal

A letter of cover. This is a heartfelt letter outlining your reasons for visiting Portugal, your intended period of stay, your departure date, and other information.

Evidence of legal status. A marriage certificate, a child’s birth certificate, a spouse’s death certificate, etc., could be this.

Brazil Health Insurance for Travel. Verification that your travel insurance covers medical emergencies in Portugal and throughout Schengen, with a minimum of 30,000 euros in coverage.

Foreign nationals who meet the requirements for a Portuguese visa and wish to obtain travel medical insurance coverage can do so online through Europ Assistance or MondialCare; Portuguese authorities around the world recognize policies issued by these businesses.  

Additional Portuguese Visa Requirements Based on Your Employment Status

Depending on your employment situation, the Portuguese embassy or consulate may require you to submit several additional documents. The following are these documents:

If working:

Employment Agreement

The most recent six months’ worth of bank statements

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Form Income Tax Return (ITR)

If you work for yourself:

a duplicate of your business permit

Bank statement of the company for the previous six months

Return of Income Tax (ITR)

In the event of retirement:

Information on pension for the last six months

If an understudy

Evidence of enrollment

a certificate of no objection from a college or university


If relevant:

Proof of a property’s consistent income for the last six months

Extra Portugal Visa Requirements for Children

The following additional Portuguese Visa Requirements must be completed in the application file of minors applying for a short-stay visa to Portugal or parents utilizing a ticket for their minor kid.

The juvenile who is visiting Portugal has provided proof of birth.

The mother and father signed the application for Portugal.

A family court ruling. When a child has sole custody of one parent only.

certified copies of each parent’s passport or ID

If the minor is going to travel with someone else on their own:

A genuine duplicate of the traveler’s passport page, complete with the holder’s information, expiration date, current photo, and a copy of their valid visa.

A notarized parental permission form, signed by parents or guardians, allows travel to Portugal

. *Note: Parents or guardians should accompany their minor children when applying at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in their home country.

Extra Prerequisites Depending on Why You’re Entering Portugal

The purpose of your proposed trip to Portugal significantly impacts the documentation you must present to demonstrate your eligibility for entry and stay for the desired amount of time in Portugal.

Determine the extra conditions for a Portugal visa depending on why you visit the country.

Airport Transit Visa Requirements for Portugal

You might require a Portugal Airport Transit Visa if you are flying to a non-EU/EEA nation, but your plane needs to land at one of the Portuguese airports.

Only some citizens of a nation covered by the Schengen visa agreement require a Portugal Airport Transit Visa. To discover if you must apply, check the list of residents who need a Portugal Airport Transit Visa.

Documents Needed for a Portugal Airport Transit Schengen Visa

When applying for a Portugal Airport Transit visa, the following extra paperwork needs to be submitted:

A valid passport for the destination country, if applicable.

The airline ticket for the final destination of your journey.

Conditions for a Transit Visa to Portugal

Suppose you are a seafarer heading to Portugal or need to disembark at one of the Portuguese harbors to board another vessel that will transport you to your non-Schengen destination country. In that case, you must Apply for a Portugal Transit Visa.

Documents Needed to Enter Portugal with a Transit Schengen Visa

The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a Portugal Transit visa:

A current passport—if necessary—for the destination nation you’re visiting.

The ticket for the final destination you are visiting.

Seaman’s original and photocopied book (needed just for seafarers).

A letter from the shipping company inviting you to come. It was provided by the alluring Portuguese Shipping Company (necessary solely for mariners).

Employment agreement. Only seamen must sign a contract with the navigation company/ship to board the vessel.

Conditions for a Business Visa to Portugal

If you need to enter Portugal for the only purpose of conducting business—such as meetings or signing contracts—you need a Portuguese Schengen business visa.

Documents Needed for a Portugal Business Schengen Visa

To apply for a Portuguese Business visa, you need to submit the following extra paperwork:

A letter of invitation or declaration of intent from the company/organization to participate in Portugal, offering specifics about the event/affiliation and duration.

Verified registration for congresses or trade shows

from your place of employment. The purpose of your trip to Portugal should be explained in this letter.

Evidence of travel funding. The employer or the partner company must specify in the letter or invitation how expenditures will be covered for the candidate throughout their stay in Portugal.

Study Visa Requirements for Portugal

If you want to take a study course, internship, or training intended to last 90 days or less within six months in Portugal, you must apply for a Portuguese study visa.

Documents Needed for a Portugal Student Schengen Visa

The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a Portuguese student visa:

A letter of no objection from the school where you are enrolled (if relevant).

Internship contract. The trainee, the origin establishment, and the company in Portugal signed her.

Medical Visa Requirements for Portugal

You need to apply for a Portugal Medical Visa if you’re going to Portugal for medical treatment, surgery, or other medical travel.

Documents Needed for Portugal Medical Schengen Visa

The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a visa to obtain medical treatment in Portugal:

A report on local medicine. You receive a letter certifying that you need medical care in Portugal from a physician, clinic, or hospital in your nation of origin.

Your medical condition and appointment date are verified by a medical attestation from the Portuguese hospital or physician. Additionally, it should guarantee that you will be approved due to the hospital’s ability to provide the particular medical therapy.

Evidence of the financial agreement struck.

Verification of the treatment/appointment in writing from the Portuguese hospital or clinic that is providing it Visa for Religious, Cultural, Athletic, and Film Crew Purposes prerequisites

Suppose you are visiting Portugal as a member of a film crew, taking part in or attending a cultural, sporting, or religious event. In that case, you need to apply for a short-sta visa known as a Cultural/Sports/Religious Events Visa.

Documentation Needed for a Schengen Visa to Enter Portugal for Film Crew, Cultural, Sports, or Religious Reasons

To obtain a Portuguese visa to attend a cultural, sporting, or religious event in Portugal, the following extra paperwork needs to be submitted:

Details about the event. As: A letter of invitation from the appropriate Portuguese authority outlining the events or activities that will occur there.

Event admission tickets.

Eligibility requirements

The event’s comprehensive schedule in Portugal.

Extra paperwork that lists the names of the crew members applying and any other pertinent details about the event.

Evidence of prior performances. Participation in prior festivals and ceremonies (cultural, religious), sports events, winners certificates, proof of world/international ranking (sports).

Portugal Visa Requirements for Spouses of Portuguese Nationals

You must apply for a Portuguese visa for the Spouse of a Portuguese Citizen if your spouse is Portuguese and you would like to visit Portugal.

The necessary paperwork for a Portuguese citizen’s spouse or wife to obtain a Schengen visa

The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a Portuguese visa as the spouse of a Portuguese national or citizen:

Documentation of Portuguese nationality, such as a naturalization order, ID card, or consular card, is proof of Portuguese citizenship.

Portuguese certificate of marriage.

Portuguese genealogy book.

Official Visit Visa for Portugal Prerequisites

Assume you have received an official invitation to attend meetings, talks, exchanges, conferences, and other events hosted in Portugal as a member of an official delegation. If so, you need to apply for an official visitation visa to Portugal.

Schengen Visa for Portuguese Nationals in Official Capacity

In order to obtain a Portuguese visa as a representative of an official delegation, the following extra paperwork needs to be submitted:

The official copy of the invitation.

Evidence of the trip’s goal, such as discussions, meetings, intergovernmental organization events, and consultations.

How to Apply for a Short-Stay Visa in Portugal

You must do the following actions to finish the application process and receive a short-stay visa to Portugal:

Verify the sort of Portuguese visa you require an application for.

Find out where your Portugal visa application has to be sent.

Complete the application.

Gather the mandatory requirements for a Portugal visa. Pay heed to the requirements that the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your own country has set for each document in order for it to be valid.

Set up an interview for a visa. You might need to schedule this interview in person at the embassy or consulate, depending on your nation.

Attend the meeting on the scheduled day.

Where to Apply for a Short-Stay Visa in Portugal

You might need to apply at one of the following locations, depending on how the Portuguese authorities in your home country have governed the application of visas:

Portugal’s Embassy

A consulate of Portugal

Portugal has contracted with a Visa Application Center to handle the submission of visas.

Portugal has contracted with the Embassy or Consulate of a different Schengen nation to handle visa submissions.

Who is eligible to apply at the Portuguese Embassy, Consulate, or VAC for a Schengen Visa?

In order for you to be able to apply for a short-term visa at a Portuguese Embassy, Consulate, or VAC, one of the following conditions needs to be met:

You will not travel to any other Schengen nation save Portugal.

Although you will travel to more Schengen states, Portugal will be your main destination; therefore, you will spend more time there than in the other nations.

Portugal is the entry point into the Schengen Zone, although you will spend the same amount of days in each nation.

Additionally, you can only apply for a short-stay visa to Portugal at a Portuguese Embassy, Consulate, or VAC if you are a:

who is a national of the nation from which you are applying.

A foreign national is using the country from which they are obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit.

A short-stay Portuguese visa cannot be obtained from a nation where you presently have a ticket.

How much time does it take to obtain a visa for Portugal?

A Portugal short-stay visa requires a minimum of two weeks to process. Still, this window could be extended for up to 30 days based on your particular circumstances. In exceptional circumstances, the Portuguese embassies may need to confer with other Schengen consulates, which could take up to 60 days.

For citizens of many nations, the processing period requires a minimum of three weeks. Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco,are these nations.

Three months prior to your intended trip to Portugal, you should submit your application as soon as possible to ensure prompt issuance of your Portuguese short-stay visa.


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