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Have you ever thought about what a top-ranked university scholarship can do for you? Or have you ever wondered how a Uk scholarship can be a life-changing chapter for you? Besides the outstanding qualification, studying in Uk will provide you the chance to explore new cultures, build a large network with students and professionals from all over the world, and gain skills and an unmatched experience that will help you further in your career development. 

To live that memorable experience there are numerous financial support options available to help you and finance your study in the UK. This includes financial awards,scholarships, student loans, grants, bursaries and fellowships.  

Nothing is Impossible:

“Money” will not become a hurdle between you and your dreams. Receiving financial support will help you achieve your goal, acquire life-changing opportunities be it setting your own business, progressing in your career or bringing change in your community. We have only one piece of advice for the students thinking of studying in the UK and applying for a scholarship “GO FOR IT”.

The Uk government offers hundreds of scholarships and additional financial support to the eligible students from several countries. Many institutions also offer scholarships and financial assistance to the capable students. You can always check the university websites and government scholarships and match your eligibility criteria with them. 

Some of the major government scholarships are listed below:

Scotland’s saltire scholarship: For postgraduate master’s studies in technology, science, healthcare, creative industry and medical industry

Chevening fellowship:  Short courses for professional and academic research for mid-career. It’s a great opportunity for the professionals.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plan: Master’s and Doctoral courses for distance learning and study in the Uk plus medical fellowships on academic and professional level

Global Wales scholarship for international students: Offers a wide range of opportunities and courses for international students.

Charlie Wallace Pakistan trust scholarships: Scottish Summer Schools, Visiting fellows, Doctoral studies and Research.