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Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan

Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan

Which Schengen visa is easy to get from Pakistan

Notice: By November 2023, this visa system should be fully functional. It would help if you went to the Schengen Zone, but you’re still determining what paperwork to bring. Thus, we inform you that you must apply for a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen area as a Pakistani national.

But don’t worry; this is an easy process using iVisa. We provide a first-rate service and professional guidance so you can obtain your travel document beforehand. It will be trouble-free for you to enjoy.

Read this article to the end to receive all the information you want to obtain a Schengen visa in Pakistan.

Apply for a Schengen Visa Online Right Now!

What is a Schengen Visa for Pakistan?

You require a Schengen Visa to enter the Schengen region. The Schengen Area Government requires this visa to enter its nations. With your ticket, you have a maximum of 90 days to spend in the Schengen region within 180 days. However, The precise time range varies according to the visa you apply for.

Which nations make up Schengen?

The nations that make up the Schengen Area are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

Which nations are qualified to apply for a Schengen visa?

The Schengen Visa is accepted in the following nations:

BhutanBoliviaBotswanaBurkina FasoBurundi
CambodiaCameroonCape VerdeCentral African RepublicChad
ChinaComorosCongoCôte D’IvoireCuba
Democratic Republic of the CongoDjiboutiDominican RepublicEcuadorEgypt
Equatorial GuineaEritreaEswatiniEthiopiaFiji
NigeriaNorth KoreaNorthern MarianasOmanPakistan
Papua New GuineaPalestinian AuthorityPhilippinesQatarRussia
RwandaSão Tomé and PríncipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSierra Leone
SomaliaSouth AfricaSouth SudanSri LankaSudan

Applying for an ETIAS is required if you are a United States, Canada, or United Kingdom citizen and want to travel to the Schengen Area after May 2023.

Documents required for the Schengen Visa for Pakistani Citizens

To obtain a Schengen visa, you must have these documents. What iVisa will ask for is as follows:

Your passport must be over three months old and issued within the last ten years. A minimum of two blank pages are required for the visa.

Digital Photo: Two passport-sized pictures taken at most six months ago must be presented. We also provide a passport photo service if you still need to get a current digital passport photo.

Evidence of financial means: To enter Schengen, you must provide documentation proving you have a valid passport and money to travel.

Travel medical insurance: You must have a minimum coverage amount of 30,000 euros in travel insurance.

Additional Information: You must show proof of lodging and a round-way plane ticket for each journey.

A working email address is required to receive your travel document.

A credit or debit card: All major credit and debit cards are accepted by iVisa.

Which kinds of Schengen visas are there?

Unlike other travel documents, the Schengen visa is only valid briefly. It’s meant for travel. The relevant licenses must be obtained from the relevant nation’s authorities to live, study, or work in a Schengen Zone nation.

Depending on your travel requirements, there are various kinds of this kind of visa, so be aware of that while applying. Here are a few instances:

Type A visas: Airport transit visas let the bearer remain inside the Schengen area of an airport without passing through the immigration area.

Type C visas: These are short-term visas that let the bearer visit all of Schengen for up to 90 days per semester. The most common kind of visa is this one.

Conversely, there are three categories for type C visas:

Single-entry: You are only permitted one entry into the Schengen region.

Only two entries into the Schengen region are permitted before the visa expires.

Multiple entries: Within the Schengen region, you can enter and exit as often as you like for a maximum of 90 days, but you can only stay up to 180 days. The length of each stay in the Zone is added to determine the overall number of days.

Limited territorial validity is another feature of some visas, albeit these are rare. This special visa is only processed under certain circumstances, including humanitarian missions.

Here, we have two different kinds of visas:

Transit visas are another name for type B visas. They give the possessor permission to travel and enter the Schengen region. But Type C visas have nearly entirely supplanted them.

Long-stay visas, called type D visas, permit the bearer to live, work, or study in the Schengen region for over ninety days. A type C long-stay visa can have one or more entries.

How can I use iVisa to apply for a Schengen visa?

Applying for a Schengen visa with iVisa is easy. Take the actions listed below:

First step: Complete the application for a visa. After you’re done, decide how long it will take to process your application for a Schengen visa.

Step 2: Select your payment option after ensuring all the information is accurate.

Step 3: After receiving payment, kindly send the necessary paperwork to process your visa.

After your visa form application has been processed and approved by iVisa, you will receive an email with your paperwork. We advise you to check your spam folder if it does not appear in your inbox.

What are the Schengen Visa fees and processing durations?

The alternatives below can be selected based on your demands and budget:

Standard Processing Time: If you can wait the longest and are not in a haste to obtain your visa, this option is great.

Rush Processing Time: You can process your visa more quickly with this option. This is especially useful if you prefer to be organized or if you intend to travel soon.

Super Rush Processing Time: If you have to go quickly, this alternative is more straightforward and quicker.

The government and visa fees were included in these costs.

Need a Schengen Visa for minors?

A Schengen Visa is also required for minors, which their parents must get. A notarized letter signed by the parents or the tutor if the child is going alone is also needed. A copy of both parents’ passports and the child’s birth certificate are also required.

The ideal time to travel to the Schengen region

There are amazing sites in the Schengen region; the best time to visit depends on what you wish to do. It’s been claimed that spring or fall are the ideal times to travel.

Notre Dame in France and Milan in Italy are two fascinating travel places.

Milan is a fascinating city three hours train ride from Rome. Visiting this stunning city is something you must do. The Milan Cathedral, Gothic-style architecture stands out, and the renowned monastery of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s mural of The Last Supper, are two of the most popular tourist destinations.

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum and the Pinacoteca de Brera, which display pertinent artwork from all over Italy, are two excellent museums that showcase artwork in gold and Murano from the fourteenth century. This trip is also ideal for touring Europe’s historical sites.

Notre Dame is an additional destination. This historic cathedral features several gargoyles modeled after the Virgin Mary and has a Gothic front, giving it a distinctive look. It’s in Paris, just next to Place Jean-Paul II. Some notable occurrences like Napoleon Bonaparte’s coronation and Joan of Arc’s beatification are remembered.

You may tour the cathedral inside and ascend the approximately 400 stairs to the highest level, where you can take in the breathtaking view of the surroundings.

The admission is free, but you must cancel your ticket to see the towers. Reservations may be made online to ensure you take advantage of this chance.

COVID-19 specifications or limitations

All member states allow access to anyone approved by a visa officer, according to the policies of each respective nation. Planning beforehand is crucial, and visitors should familiarize themselves with the admission requirements of their intended country.

Having had all recommended vaccinations is essential for your protection when traveling. If you’re not, entrance to several nations may be restricted.

The European Medical Association and Foreign Affairs state that Comirnaty, Spikevax, Vaxzevria, and Janssen are approved. It has also approved traveler authorization for vaccinations like Sinopharm and Covishield, which the World Health Organization has designated as emergency immunizations.

Please be aware that various systems are used in most nations to designate risk regions. Travel restrictions are, therefore, now categorized based on the person rather than the location.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you are still trying to figure out how to obtain your Schengen Visa, you may email or speak with one of our customer service representatives. They will be glad to help you around the clock.

In what nation is it the simplest to obtain a Schengen visa for a brief visit?

Lithuania is often the most spartan nation to get a Schengen visa, with authorities accepting 98.7% of applicants.

It also receives fewer applications than nations like Germany or France, which are very well-liked by visitors and business travelers. This means you will have to wait less for an appointment and find out sooner whether your application was accepted.

Estonia comes in second easiest, accepting 98.5 per cent of applications while receiving comparatively few requests.

With 98.3 per cent, Finland comes in second, although it gets more visa requests than any other country.

Other nations that grant applications at high percentages include Poland, Iceland, and Latvia.

Belgium has the most significant proportion of application refusals (16.9%), making it the most challenging country in the Schengen Area. Despite this, 83.1% of applicants are granted a Schengen Visa. Malta comes in second with 14.8% of requests denied, then Sweden with 10.3%, Portugal with 10.1%, France with 9.6%, and Norway with 8.7%. Therefore, to increase your chances of obtaining a Schengen Visa, you might travel to and stay in a neighboring country before entering if you can arrange your trip to coincide with visits to these nations.

How is a Schengen visa obtained?

Although a short-stay visa is valid for 90 days and may be used to go to any 27 Schengen countries, you must apply for your ticket in the country where you plan to spend most of your vacation.

What is the duration required to obtain a Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa typically takes 15 days to process, but in some instances, it can take up to 60 days. It would help if you aimed to allow enough time to process your application.

The most straightforward locations for foreign nationals to apply for a Schengen visa are:

I’m from India, and I’m looking for a Schengen visa. Which nations accept applications the quickest?

With over 10 million Indians visiting Schengen nations annually and over a million tourist visas being issued in 2018, Indian passport holders are welcome in Europe.

The nations above are the simplest to apply to, although Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, and Slovakia are among the countries with embassies or consulates that do not require a visa. Another embassy is representing them in these situations. It is advisable to confirm whether the country you intend to visit has a consulate or a center for applying for a visa, as certain countries might not offer these facilities in neighboring towns or cities.

I’m a Filipino asking for a Schengen visa. Which nations have the highest chance of approving my request?

The Philippines submitted more than 170,000 applications for Schengen visas in 2017, of which more than 80% were granted.

Many nations, including Belgium, Austria, and France, have contracted with VFSGlobal, which has offices in Manila and Cebu, to handle their visa application processes. In visa problems, specific countries, like India, are represented by consulates of other nations. Finland and Estonia, for instance, are represented by the embassy of Norway.

I’m currently applying from the United Arab Emirates for a Schengen visa. Which nations have the highest chance of approving my request?

Passengers holding U.A.E. passports who have never been denied visas can now visit Schengen Area nations thanks to a visa waiver arrangement. Individuals not citizens of the United Arab Emirates or Schengen countries and who reside in the government must apply at the appropriate consulate, embassy, or visa application facility in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

What further information should I know about where to look for the simplest Schengen Visa?

When applying for a Schengen Visa, you must demonstrate that you have the means to support yourself if you choose to remain in a nation inside the Schengen Area. This will show that you can pay for any connected charges with your visit and have the resources to sustain yourself while you are here.

Although the financial criteria vary from nation to nation and apply to different degrees in each Schengen state, there’s no need to worry too much since they are not too tough to meet. It will thus be simpler to comply with some states’ rules than others.

For instance, you could be required to have €14 for each day you are in Latvia, yet neighboring Estonia demands €100 for each day you are in the nation. Most countries need you to provide documentation of your daily travel expenses, such as bank statements showing you have around €50.

Long-term labor permits

While the prerequisites for short-term visas are generally the same in all Schengen nations, there are significant differences in the criteria for long-term work visas. Many nations have stringent requirements on who is eligible to reside and work there, requiring candidates to demonstrate that they possess advanced degrees or other talents necessary for their economy. To avoid disappointment, make sure you are applying under the correct work visa conditions.

How can I get my Schengen Visa with the aid of A.X.A.?

A.X.A. offers affordable travel insurance for Schengen visas, starting at €22 per week of travel, which covers the minimum coverage of €30,000 required to secure your access. This will cover repatriation, assistance costs, and any medical issues. A.X.A. offers a more complete range starting at €33 per week. This addresses problems like misplaced paperwork or valuables. An annual premium of €328 is provided for multi-trip insurance, making it ideal for frequent travelers.

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